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Seaforce fast powerboat rides have been voted amongst the most exciting things to do in Glasgow. Trips run from Kelvin Harbour, next to The Tall Ship and Riverside Museum, to the city centre, Erskine Bridge, Dumbarton Rock, Kilcreggan and beyond. <\/p>\n

The service is professional and is delivered safely but in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  It‘s all about having fun, after all!<\/p>\n

Seaforce also provides maritime training courses, including safety training and is responsible for workboat services cover on the Clyde and further afield<\/p>\n

Visit The Tall Ship and take a short powerboat trip for just £10 per person! (Children £5)<\/p>\n

For more information please visit the Seaforce website at <\/a> or call 0141 221 1070<\/p><\/div>