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The new home for Glasgow’s museum of transport<\/p>\n

Experience Glasgow’s industrial heritage in a striking building designed by \ninternationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid.<\/p>\n

Many favourite exhibits from the old Museum of Transport are on show with \ntwice as many exhibits than before.<\/p>\n

The displays are bound to impress – with cars climbing the walls, bikes \nsuspended from the ceiling and a train engine hovering from the mezzanine!<\/p>\n

Interactive displays help you to find out everything you want to know about \nthe collection. <\/p>\n

The Street has been beautifully reconstructed with more shops open to \nvisitors giving a fascinating insight into a typical Glasgow shopping street in \nthe 1930s. <\/p>\n

You can even climb into a subway carriage to see what travelling on the \n‘Clockwork Orange’ would have been like back then.<\/p>