Welcome aboard this historic sailing cargo ship of the nineteenth century.

Glenlee was built in 1896 on the River Clyde at the Bay Yard, Port Glasgow by Anderson Rodger & Co. She is one of just five Clydebuilt steel sailing ships still afloat, and the only one  in the UK.

At 86 metres/208 feet long, the ship was powered by the wind alone, could carry 2,600 tons of cargo, and had a crew of just 25 men. You can find out more about the ship and voyages here.

Glenlee is owned and maintained by a charity, the Clyde Maritime Trust, for the people of Glasgow and all visitors to experience and enjoy. We ask you to support us in maintaining this important part of mercantile, maritime and shipbuilding tradition not only of Glasgow but of global international trade.

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The Tall Ship Story

British cargo vessel, Italian ship of mystery, and sail training icon of the Spanish Navy, Glenlee is a survivor. 

As Galatea, the Spanish name for 70 years, the ship was dear in the hearts of men who sailed her and residents of Ferrol, her home port .

Lacking funding, abandoned in Seville, Spain, stripped of her brass work and damaged by fire, masts and yards lowered, the Spanish Navy decided she had to be sold.

Threatened with scrappage, the Clyde Maritime Trust bought her for £40,000 planning a voyage to Glasgow for restoration. Vital repairs and the support of the tug Wallasey, enabled a return to the Clyde on the 9th of June 1993: for the first time, ninety-seven years after her launch.

Support Us

Tall Ship Glenlee, berthed beside the Riverside Museum, is owned by the Clyde Maritime Trust, a registered Scottish Charity. Financial support from the public and other donors is essential to the further survival of this historic sailing vessel.

Any donation, any donation at all, that you can make will help greatly with this work and you, too, can play a part in maritime history.